How do you keep your flowers lasting? 

Hydration is crucial. You always want your flowers to have almost a full vessel of water. Another critical factor is keeping the water fresh and clean. We suggest changing the water out daily using cool to cold water, never hot and never warm. If you have some clippers hanging around, the extra step is giving the stems a half-inch angled cut once every two days. Clipping helps them drink that freshwater faster, making them happy. Also, watch out for sunlight. We know you would think they love the sun, but not when they are cut and arranged. So keep them away from direct sunlight or passing sunlight. Also, never put flowers near an air vent that emits hot air or air conditioning. Again, these are suggestions to keep your blooms lasting longer. Still, we always have to remember that flowers are perishable. That is why following these few tips hopefully will make them last just a little bit longer. 

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday for deliveries from 11 am-5 pm and same-day delivery until noon. We are only available for wedding and event deliveries on Saturdays from 11 am-5 pm, not open for everyday deliveries. We are closed on Sunday, but if your event happens to be on Sunday, we can discuss further in your consultation about a potential delivery. 

Do you offer pickup services?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer any pick up services, just deliveries. 

There is a specific color palette and florals I want. Still, I am not seeing them under the collections you offer. What do I do?

Since we are a seasonal flower shop and strive for seasonal blooms, there is no guarantee that what you are looking for is available. However, please call the shop at (480) 900-2228; that way, we can work with you to do our best to get you what you want. 

How often does your company source local flowers from farmers? 

As often as we can! I embarked on this business to support small businesses like mine, to give back to the community, and it is also better for the environment! Plus, local flowers are more exciting and more fun! I am always looking forward to meeting and connecting with new farmers. If you are reading this and want to source Florence and Rose with your beautiful local blooms, email us at info@florencerosefloral.com.  

My flowers went down quicker than I had anticipated. What do I do?  

Please reference the return policy at the bottom of the website under links. 

Do you offer wedding packages?

Yes, we do! Under the collections page under "Your Big Day," we offer more intimate-style gatherings like elopements. If you want more, call the store number at (480) 900-2228 to set up a free consultation where we can discuss further inquiries. 

What do I do with all my leftover vessels?

At Florence & Rose, we are all about sustainability and reusing. You can do as you please with the vessels given to you, donate, gift them to a friend or a neighbor, make arts and crafts, or propagate a plant; we want you to have fun with your one-of-a-kind pieces! 

Are my flowers safe around my animals and kids? 

As always you should be aware that some flowers can be poisonous to animals when ingested and could make them sick, PLEASE KEEP OUT OF REACH OF YOUR ANIMALS AND KIDS AT ALL TIMES! 


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